Connaître, préserver et valoriser les plantes

Ministère des affaires étrangères et européennes

Biodiversity of natural forest in Laos


Dossier Sud Expert Plantes numéro 355


The global aim of the project is to improve knowledge on tropical forest in Laos PDR. The project suggest to establish permanent plots in different forest type and under different climatic conditions to record a large amount of data and to be able to record data on long term. Data will be kept in a data base and specimen collections will complete the existing herbarium at faculty of forestry and at the national herbarium. The project will be an occasion to train about tropical forest ecology and forest studying as well as data analysis for Master students and researchers at faculty of forestry. Many field works will be organized, with participation of students, to establish permanent plots (sampling and setting up), to collect data and to identify trees species. Data analysis will offer occasion to review statistics and to start practice with R software developed by University of Lyon1 (France).

mai 2007

Nanthavong Khamseng

National University of Laos – Faculty of Forestry

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